Small Business Server Monitoring

A critical area for many businesses is PREVENTING issues that cause a business stoppage due to servers being unavailable (crashed, down for maintenance, etc.).

With the Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 & 2012, a powerful feature called Monitoring & Reporting has greatly improved the prevention and quick addressing of issues that can cause failures.

We offer a report monitoring service that includes the following services:

  1. Viewing/analyzing server reports sent by email daily.
  2. Note problems in disk space usage, mailbox usage, general and backup job execution.
  3. Research issues and determine urgency level of issues
    1. Critical
    2. Nominal
    3. Ignorable
  4. Report the problems to management or designated technical an emergency, by phone.
  5. Coordinate resolution and technical assistance.
  6. Remote access to server for closer inspection of issues.

Services to be included to add value:

  • Take action on minor issues needing simple update, configuration or restart via Remote Access (if available).
  • Installation of regular Windows Updates (not including service packs for Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, ISA or SQL Server) via Remote Access (if available).
  • Monthly restart of server through Remote Access (if available) after coordinating time for restart with technical contact (typically in evening or over weekend).
  • Verify server restart to ensure proper functionality for users
  • 1 on-site visit if restart requires action on physical server (floppy disk ejection, power down, etc.) at next earliest available time - usually next business day morning.

Cost of Monitoring Agreement: $125.00 per month

  • Billed monthly
  • Included in standard invoice as "Small Business Server Performance Report Monitoring" line item

Questions you may have about the Monitoring Agreement

Does this monthly agreement include any service time for server support issues?

No. The agreement is strictly for monitoring & analysis of the server but does include a few added services to give more value. These additional services were mentioned in the above titled "Services to be included to add value."

What happens then if my server experiences a problem?

We would visit your office or remotely access the server to handle the issue(s) as we would normally. The value of the monitoring agreement is realized when we are notified of indicators or problems BEFORE they cause an outage or other critical problem and then act on them.

Is this monitoring agreement a warranty of the server performance or otherwise guarantee of functionality?

No. This agreement only provides the monitoring of issues that would normally arise due to the common problems with any computer system.

If I have someone in my company monitor the server what if they have questions about issues that are reported?

They are welcome to call or email us at any time to inquire about them. We prefer to have the reports forwarded by email to us when issues arise and we can respond appropriately. There will be normal tech support costs involved for the analysis and response to issues reported.

Why should I have Tosuma Inc monitor my server at an additional cost if you have been doing this for free already? Why start paying for it now?

Good point. Originally the reports were not an issue to review and analyze when there were only a few servers to monitor. We were monitoring them as a favor to early adopters of the Small Business Server without billing for the time spent. Now, with all the servers we monitor it is getting out of hand and we must recoup the considerable investment in time every day to analyze the reports.

Does somebody really have to look at these reports everyday?

Simply: No, not really. You don't have to get your car's engine checked when the check engine light comes on either. Should you though? Yes. It is the same principle with these reports. Analyzing them will help the server run smoothly by noticing issues or patterns before they become a business-stopping problem. You may want to ask yourself: How long can I go without access to my company's data on the server? Analyzing these reports daily will help with mitigating server problems.

What does the report look like?

We would be happy to send you one of the reports from your very own server so you can see what is entailed in monitoring and analyzing the reports. Send us an email at info! to request a copy of your server report and I can visit with you on the phone as to what the report shows and how it's analyzed.

How long do I have to make a decision?

You have until May 1st to decide whether you want Tosuma to monitor your server's reports or have someone at your company do it. If you don't make this decision before then we will reconfigure your server to not send reports to anyone. The reports will still be generated but just stored on the server.

How do I notify you of my decision?

You may mail the decision and signature sheet to us at any time. If you decide to have reports sent to someone in your company we will reconfigure the reporting system on your server soon after receipt. We will require a written approval or decision to make things more official.

If I decide to have Tosuma monitor my server when and how will I be billed for this service?

Billing for server monitoring starts in May and will be pre-billed monthly after that. You can cancel at any time and a pro-rated amount refunded to you by discount on your next regular invoice or by check payable to your company.