Website Development

In these highly technical times websites are a valuable tool to make sure:

  • Your business image is well-rounded
  • Critical information is accessible to prospective customers
  • Existing customers needing service can contact you

Think of websites as being the yellow-page ad of the new economy - a necessity.

The general public are much more computer and Internet savvy than ever before. They expect a company that has an interest in their dollar to have a company information resource that is publicly and easily accessible over the Internet. Especially do small businesses have an interest in developing a professional presence on the Internet since this medium is an even playing field that is not as influenced by the amount of money invested as it is by innovation and valuable information. Tosuma Technology Consulting can assist you in playing on that even field.

We specialize in database automation using Microsoft Access or SQL Server and Active Server Pages to create your customized application.

Our Portfolio

Joeris General Contractors

Joeris General Contractors

Joeris General Contractors needed a website to give potential customers information on the fine services they offer businesses and organizations in the San Antonio area. This firm's sterling reputation and high standard of excellence has led to its receiving numerous awards and honors over the years and has contributed to its becoming one of the fastest growing and most respected construction companies in San Antonio.

This site contains an impressive portfolio of projects completed by Joeris General Contractors as well as several testimonials from satisfied customers.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

NARI San Antonio

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) San Antonio Chapter needed a website for 2 distinct audiences - Homeowners and Remodelers. Both of these audiences were addressed on the home page with segmented information areas as well as menu bar sections clearly identifying each visitor type.

Since the site is to service the remodeling industry, construction companies, suppliers and related companies had to be assisted with industry information, referral services and advertising opportunities. The members are actively using the site to keep in touch with the association, find other members in the directory for networking/referral purposes and to check scheduled event details.

The other audience - homeowners looking to remodel their home - was addressed by providing valuable remodeling project guides, a list of trustworthy contractors that abide by the NARI code of ethics and a list of links to information useful in managing their remodeling project. Having these resources in one area has been praised by the media and highly utilized by local homeowners.

This site features a database-driven listing of contractors/professionals on the Find A NARI Pro page as well as a dynamic listing of Upcoming Events and Remodeling News items pertaining to the remodeling industry.

A specially designed advertising system was developed to allow NARI members to utilize key advertising space on the site's right sidebars. This system reports on click-throughs, ad impressions and visitor statistics for valuable marketing feedback on campaign efforts.

Chocolate Homes

Chocolate Homes

An upscale homebuilder, Chocolate Homes, needed a website with the design that befits their sense of style, efficiency & logo theme. This site differs from many of the other sites we have developed in that it highlights our creative side that we have not had the opportunity showcase.

This site was designed using the Adobe suite of development tools starting out in Photoshop where we developed the entire site as an image. Then we moved the Photoshop file into Adobe ImageReady where "slices" were created from image areas. Finally Adobe GoLive was used to create JavaScript actions on hyperlink menu buttons and the in-line frame. The design is simple but highly effective in the way the site loads and displays information. We hope to do more sites of this nature in the future. Contact us to discuss how your site can be developed in this style and function.

The Strohmeyer & Arpe - Peppadew USA

The Strohmeyer & Arpe Company

The Strohmeyer & Arpe Company, a New Jersey based food importer/distributor, needed a website that was representative of and worded for a specifically American audience. The Peppadew corporation is a South African company with a corporate website that is specifically written and worded for their region - thereby making it awkward for American visitors. The Peppadew brand needed a quality United States release and promotion to solidify the brand name, get the product information out there to a mass audience and provide ways for people to find the product. Although no direct online ordering is processed through this website, an affiliate food sales site is linked to from this site.

This site presented a challenge to not only keep the Peppadew branding unified with the corporate site but also to make it unique and special - giving the USA release all it's own flavor.

By the way - these peppers are awesome! You've got to try some for yourself. They can be found at the HEB Central Market and other stores in San Antonio.

Cutler-Gallaway Services

Cutler-Gallaway Services

Cutler-Gallaway Services, a San Antonio based structural engineering service company wanted to create a professional and attractive website that highlighted their numerous engineering projects.

The site features a pre-designed template that was purchased from the online template site and then customize with their logo and site content. This allowed a significant cost savings over developing a custom website template with a trade-off of the possibility that other websites on the Internet that looked very similar to theirs - not an issue for this specialty service company.

Tosuma Technology Consulting offers custom website template design but has suggested to many clients to just use a pre-designed template for a quick turn-around at an affordable rate. Most templates on the various template websites site can be purchased for under $75 - providing a high value for smaller businesses wishing to save costs on custom development. Many templates even feature Flash animation for a more dynamic touch.

Tosuma ClientExchange Intranet

Tosuma ClientExchange Intranet

Our own company had a need to be able to easily access informational documents and custom scripts online to enable a sharing of IT system setup and documentation. We developed our own document library with search, upload, update and download capabilities.

The Intranet solution is one that is becoming more popular for businesses wanting to automate and facilitate the exchange of information between employees, managers, customers and suppliers.

We specialize in creating custom solutions that address your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your corporate Intranet needs or want more information on pre-packaged solutions available for quick implementation.

Masterworks Custom Homes

Masterworks Custom Home Builder

Masterworks Custom Homes were having a difficult time reaching a very specific audience - the new home purchaser. The solution: Provide a single point of access for potential home buyers that can be highlighted in sales campaigns and referrals.

Currently Masterworks are undergoing an aggressive search engine optimization process that will help the new home buyer to find them with common search terms for the regions they serve and services they offer.

Their site features a listing of communities they currently build in as well as attractive floor plans that potential home buyers can choose or start from in designing their custom home.

Bexar County DBA Report

Bexar County DBA Report

The sales leads service, Bexar County DBA Report needed a website to inform potential subscribers about the information services they offer. The idea of how sales leads for new businesses registered with Bexar County can be provided on a daily basis was a critical one to communicate to potential subscribers so they could find value in the service - a "sales pitch" if you will.

The site features a subscriber login, sales and marketing tips, downloadable samples and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section. The subscriber login area features secure access to updated DBA Reports as well as past reports in various formats.

This site required an involved management utility that allowed the service staff to upload new reports, create/modify users and send out reports by email. A database system using Microsoft Access files and Active Server Pages allows for a highly automated process for maintaining the subscriber list and reports distribution. This is a great example of how Tosuma Technology Consulting can automate your business using web technologies.

Chohlidakis Originals

Chohlidakis Originals Stoneware Potter

The fine stoneware pottery craftsman, David Chohlidakis, needed an online pottery catalog for his small business - Chohlidakis Originals. He wanted to do direct sales to the public rather than only selling wholesale to the galleries. Using the WebHost4Life website hosting, we were able to integrate a beautiful online catalog that has shopping cart capabilities, credit card payment submission and order processing.

This site highlights our ability to combine quality images with attractive color schemes that fit the subject.

The pottery is simply stunning. Take a look and just TRY not to buy something! We dare you.